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Integrated marketing approach

Integrated marketing approach

Advertising. Digital marketing. Email. Websites. SEO and SEM. Social media. Public relations. Most hotel general managers approach these services individually and oftentimes hire different agencies to implement each task.

MP&A Digital & Advertising, with specialists in each area takes an integrated marketing approach. Why? First, it eliminates the biggest GM headaches. Ever try to keep four different agencies focused on your strategy? Secondly, it creates a more consistent and appealing message with a wider reach and stronger impact.

Our integrated marketing approach uses all the communication channels to move people along the customer lifecycle from awareness to Brand Advocate. And, as our hotel case studies show — it really works! It does drive profitable revenue.

Integrate your marketing communications and watch your business grow. Call us today.

Embracing iCRM

View the video below to learn how two of MP&A's Caribbean hotels embraced iCRM to double their room revenue.


We only partner with the best

NAVIS is the #1 hotel reservation and CRM platform. MP&A partners with NAVIS to help our clients drive more profitable direct revenue. To learn more visit

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